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Hypnosis Today (HT) offers training in clinical hypnosis that differs from most courses currently on offer in South Australia. Where we differ is in that we teach both traditional and utilisation approaches to hypnosis (the latter being based on the work of Dr Milton H Erickson), ensuring that our course participants understand and appreciate the contexts in which these approaches developed, the differences and similarities in their generic structures, and how they can be flexibly assimilated into more contemporary ways of using hypnosis. Furthermore, rather than simply identifying the topic areas to be covered, and then working through these in a step-by-step fashion, HT courses skillfully integrate the essential topics into a programme that aims to develop participants’ skills in a sequential and structured way. Adequate time is devoted to demonstrating and practising the micro-skills, debriefing the practice sessions, and addressing individuals’ questions and concerns. By the end of the first weekend of HT’s 4-day introductory course, participants have acquired sufficient skill and knowledge to go away and start experimenting with hypnosis. Some jump straight in and start using hypnosis with their clients, whilst others prefer to practise on friends and family, and instead wait until the completion of the introductory course, usually 2 weeks later, before using it with clients.

The overwhelming majority of our course participants have consistently rated HT’s training as ‘excellent’, with ‘very good’ being the lowest rating given for any aspect of the course and its delivery. (Click here to read what our participants have said about our courses.)

Hypnosis demonstration

Those who have undertaken previous training elsewhere have noted that HT’s training not only leads to a much higher level of practitioner skill, but importantly provides an understanding of how to analyse a client’s presenting problem/s in a way that enables one to easily identify the therapeutic messages (to be targeted in the hypnosis session) that will best interrupt these patterns. (Those who have trained in systems/family/narrative therapy will be familiar this strategic approach to psychotherapy.) Such an approach avoids the problem often faced by those who have completed more traditional training – the uncertainty of knowing when and how to introduce hypnosis into therapy. As a result, they have failed to develop their confidence and have let hypnosis fall to the wayside.

To ensure that trainees continue to use their new skills, a follow-up supervision session is held within a few months of completing the first 4-day course. Subsequently, trainees are encouraged to join a regular supervision group, held approximately once every 6 weeks. Also available are advanced modules that specifically look at applying clinical hypnosis to various presenting problems (anxiety, pain, depression, etc.), a participant’s area on our website (containing lots of resources, including journal articles), as well as complimentary film screenings (workshops and demonstrations by various leading practitioners & educators in the field).

In what other ways does HT differ from other courses?

  • We have our own personal caterer (Merrilly’s husband Michael) who prepares delicious lunches and refreshments that have proven to be a big hit with participants!
  • Training is held in the comfort of a private home with break-out rooms and garden spaces for practice sessions
  • Class sizes are limited to 12 people to ensure that each participant's individual training needs are met

For more information, please contact Marta Lohyn or Merrilly Watson - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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