Interesting facts about hypnosis...

Did you know that hypnosis should not be used to attempt to retrieve past memories of abuse, or even to do past life regressions? The reason for this is that memories retrieved in hypnosis may not be accurate. In fact, they can result from inadvertent suggestions made by the therapist, or from the client's own expectations of finding such memories. A further complication is that 'memories' retrieved in hypnosis seem so much more real than memories that are experienced out of hypnosis. To learn more about the nature of memory and the false memory debates of the 80s and 90s, click here to download an episode from Radio National's All In The Mind - 'A History of Memory' - it makes for very interesting listening (or you can read the transcript).


Did you know that mindfulness and hypnosis utilise that same capacity of human beings to narrow the focus of their attention and become deeply absorbed in particular aspects of their experience (and dissociated from other aspects)? Whilst mindfulness practices tend to focus on the here and now, often with suggestions to suspend judgment and to observe and accept whatever happens, hypnosis utilises this focused 'state' to absorb the person in the past, present or future, depending on the structure of his/her problem/s, and to deliver suggestions aimed at disrupting the patterns that are contributing to their distress.

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