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Who can train with us?

Training is available to qualified health care professionals, and is particularly designed for those who are interested in using hypnosis in a psychotherapeutic or counselling context. Psychologists, counsellors and social workers, as well as nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and medical practitioners who work with people with mental health issues and everyday life problems will find that hypnosis is a powerful and flexible tool that significantly enhances therapeutic outcomes. It is effective for pain, anxiety, depression and trauma, as well as a range of other problems, and can be incorporated into your work regardless of the models that inform your practice.

What is unique about our training?

The training offered by Hypnosis Today is unique in that it provides a thorough education in all of the knowledge and practice areas of hypnosis, including traditional and contemporary approaches, providing a framework for understanding how to flexibly incorporate strategies from each in order to tailor ones hypnotic intervention to meet the needs of each individual client/patient. Course content and practice sessions are integrated in a sequential order designed to help build skills and confidence. At the completion of our Introductory Course (3 half-days of face-to-face training + 12 hours' online video sessions), trainees will be able to start using hypnosis in their specific work contexts. Advanced workshops focus on specific applications of hypnosis, as well as elaborating on a simple but effective strategy for determining the goals of therapy and how to target these (a strategic approach to psychotherapy that views the person as a unique individual, rather than viewing him/her as having to fit into a specific diagnostic category with a set treatment model).

To ensure that trainees continue to use their new skills, follow-up supervision sessions are offered periodically throughout the year. Trainees are given access to the members' section of our website which contains a variety of resources, including journal articles.

Class sizes are limited to 12 people to ensure that each participant's individual training needs are met.

Where is our training held?

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