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Marta Lohyn & Merrilly Watson first teamed together at the beginning of 2010 to revamp and teach the South Australian Society of Hypnosis Training Course in Clinical Hypnosis.

Marta and Merrilly both completed the Australian Society of Hypnosis Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis in the late 80s and early 90s respectively, and have also undertaken many other hypnosis training courses/workshops, including Dr Michael Yapko's 100-hour training in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy.

Influenced by both the traditional approaches to hypnosis and the more contemporary utilisation approach developed by Dr Milton H Erickson (also known as Ericksonian Hypnosis), they combine aspects from both approaches in their work and in their teachings, helping trainees to gain a clear understanding of their similarities and differences. They are also interested in the overlap between Mindfulness and Hypnosis, particularly in terms of their structures and the styles of suggestion employed in each.



Marta has been working as a psychologist for almost 40 years in Adelaide, South Australia. She has experience with adults, children and families. Through her training in family therapy early in her professional life, Marta discovered Milton Erickson and the world of hypnosis, and has been incorporating hypnosis into her work since then.

Marta joined the Executive Committee of the South Australian Society of Hypnosis as treasurer in 2009, and in 2010 was invited to undertake the role of Director of Studies. In this position, she developed and coordinated the training course, also taking a significant role in the teaching programme. Marta has also conducted training for the Australian Society of Hypnosis (ASH).

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Merrilly has had close to 40 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, initially employed as a youth worker, and then as a couple therapist and group counsellor before establishing her own psychology practice in Adelaide, South Australia in 1995. Working with individuals, couples and families, as well as running workplace well-being and resiliency groups, Merrilly has been incorporating hypnosis in her work for the past 25 years. She taught for the South Australian Society of Hypnosis training for a number of years, taking a major role in developing a new, more structured and integrated direction for the course. She has also presented workshops and provided training for the Australian Society of Hypnosis (ASH).

Merrilly was a member of the Executive Committee of the South Australian Society of Hypnosis for 11 years, serving as its chairperson for 5 years. She has also served on the Federal Council of ASH, as well as being the Honorary Secretary of ASH.

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